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      Political Consultant & Communications Expert

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In the highly competitive
world of politics, you need all the advantages you can get.

Doug Kaplan, President of Gravis Marketing, helps campaigns with specialized marketing and political messaging. 

Doug has focused political knowledge through polling, and is highly experienced with political campaign analysis.

He offers the most cutting-edge marketing strategies that exist.  His clients include political campaigns, consultants, and nonprofit organizations all across the globe. Doug founded Gravis Marketing in 2010. 

Capitol Correspondent:  Battleground States Series.  Doug, guest on the show, is the Official Pollster for Capitol Correspondent.  

Listen as Doug speaks on the most important issues in this election year.

As an experienced media guest, Doug Kaplan can keep your audience up to the minute with political campaign polling results and analysis. 

He is perfect for listeners who want to stay current in today's political scene, and a must-have for shows wanting an interesting political commentator.

Recent Quotes about Doug: 

Doug Kaplan, CEO at Gravis Marketing says the survey indicates a significant problem for Speaker Boehner.

Kaplan says, "this is a big thing for Boehner because he’s going against eighty percent of his voters,"  adding that, "People do not want him to vote for this particular military action.  People are very concerned and skeptical about it.”

“The poll clearly shows Cornyn is trouble, especially when you see that in the poll Sen. R. Edward Cruz (R.-Texas) has a job approval rating of 73 percent among Republicans and Cornyn 46 percent, said the pollster Doug Kaplan,” Human Events reported.

Doug Kaplan, managing partner at Gravis Marketing, said an "Inside Edition" report on juror Maddy's plight "hit a nerve."

"I can help the juror with employment if needed," Kaplan said in an email to me. "We are a political polling and consulting firm in Winter Springs, and have a call center that makes outbound phone calls. I think when someone does civic duty, to have to deal with this nonsense is un-American."

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